Leo Nomellini at Pro Football Reference

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  1. Steve Clark

    In 1983 I took a golf class at Northeastern Illinois University located in Chicago Illinois.
    On the first day of class I met my future wife. The first time I arrived at her house for a date,
    her Mom answered the door. Leona Nomellini Carlson. She was Leo’s little sister. She was an amazing woman, and I knew I hit the jackpot! My wife Julie Carson and I married a few years later. (1985)
    Leona’s husband Howard Carlson had passed away years earlier, and Leo came to Chicago to walk Julie down the aisle for our wedding. I could go on but it’s been an honor to be a part of your group.
    Julie and I are still married. She’ll always be a 49er fan and me …. I’ll always be a Bears fan.
    Best Regards.
    Steve Clark

  2. Phil Boyd

    That’s a Great Story! Thanks for sharing!


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