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 If you’d like a certain player or players added to the gallery please let me know. I have tons of old NFL photos that I’m getting to as I can. Or if you have some pictures you’d love to contribute I’d like to hear about those as well.
 Just keep a couple of things in mind….

 These are PAST NFL Players. Pictures of recent players or players still playing will be ignored. As a rule of thumb, I’m only concentrating on players whose careers were before the 2000 season. In a few exclusive situations I may forego this rule but don’t count on it.

Also, Bigger is better. Larger, better quality images will take precedence over smaller lesser quality pictures. A minimum size of 200px X 200px, 300dpi and in JPG format are preferred. Please be as descriptive as possible. Name as many players in the picture as possible and explain what is going on, what the situation was, date of the game or when the picture was taken would be nice. If there’s a photographer that deserves credit, let’s hear about them and finally, if you’d like a link to an account that you’d like us to know about I’d be happy to include it. Just make sure it’s NFL related in some way.

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