Image Gallery of Johnny Robinson, Defensive Back 1960-1972

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for adding Johnny Robinson. He says to tell you thank you too. I wanted to tell you that the years played should read 1960-1972.
    Thank you again from Johnny. He’s looking over my shoulder right now and telling me what was going on in each picture. He is re-living each one.

    1. Tell Mr. Robinson it is truly my pleasure and I wish him well. And Thank You Bob for letting me know about Johnny. He really did have a remarkable career that football fans need to remember. I’m sorry to say my knowledge of the AFL is very limited but the more I research it the more great players I find. I’ll add more pictures of Johnny as I get time. Take Care and Thank You Again! The Boys Home is in my Prayers!

  2. Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee !

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