Ron Mix was an All-American at USC he was chosen by the Colts in the 1960 draft but instead chose to play with the Chargers and the AFL instead. One of the members of the inaugural Chargers team in Los Angeles. Would remain playing for the Chargers throughout the entire life span of the American Football League. Played a total of 11 seasons in football earning All-AFL Honors 9 times and making the AFL All-Star team 8 times. Part of the Charger’s 1963 Championship team. Was flagged for holding only twice his entire career. Named to the All-AFL team in 1969 and the NFL Hall of Fame in 1979 – the second AFL player to receive to be inducted.
Best known for his refusal to play in the 1965 AFL All-Star game when it was hosted in New Orleans, a city that still supported segregation at the time.

Image Gallery of Ron Mix, Offensive Tackle 1960-1971


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