Tim Rossovich from USC was a 1st round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1968. Known for his wild life away from football, he proved to be a solid player for the Eagles making the Pro Bowl in 1969. He stayed with Philadelphia until 1972 when he was traded to San Diego. After 2 seasons with the Chargers he joined the Philadelphia Bell of the WFL and when that league folded he finished up his career with a season in Houston.

 A favorite of Eagles fans during his time there, there’s no debate whether or not he was a good football player because he was. Tim Rossovich is probably more remembered for his off-field stunts. A free spirited individual who seemed to identify with the 1960s Counter Culture of the time remained quite outspoken over social topics of the time. Some NFL owners even as far as to describe him as immoral and subversive. The list of his antics included eating a spider, setting himself on fire at parties, chewing glass, jumping into a birthday cake naked and biting off the caps off of 100 beer bottles.

  After football he enjoyed many acting roles in TV shows including Charlie’s Angels, Magnum PI, and The A-Team just to name a few. He passed away in 2018 from respiratory arrest at his home in Sacramento. He was 72.

Tim Rossovich, Eagles Linebacker
Wildman Tim Rossovich

Image Gallery of Tim Rossovich, Linebacker 1968-1976

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