Myron Pottios of Notre Dame, was a 2nd round pick of Pittsburgh in the 1961 draft he spent 5 years with the Steelers (he was injured the entire 1962 season) making the Pro Bowl 3 of those seasons. During his time there he had 7 interceptions.

 Joining the Los Angeles Rams in 1966 he was the starting middle linebacker by 1967 on one of the NFL best defenses at the time. He remained with Los Angeles until 1970, starting 40 games and helping the Rams to 2 Coastal Division titles.

 In 1971 he followed head coach George Allen to Washington where he played he played in 32 games on those outstanding Redskins defense of the early 70s. He was the starting Middle Linebacker for 5 consecutive post-season games including Super Bowl VII in 1972. He retired from football following the 1973 season after a 12-year career. He has 3 Pro Bowls (1961, 1963 and 1964) to his credit. His career totals – 129 games played, 106 starts, 12 interceptions and 11 fumble recoveries. He also has 7 post season games to his credit.

Myron Pottios, Washington Redskins 1971-1973
12-Year NFL Veteran Myron Pottios

Image Gallery of Myron Pottios, Middle Linebacker 1961-1973


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  1. Stanley Norman

    Interested in where he is today.. also interested in his sons career. My son was payed Jr All Mreican football with him.

    1. phil

      I don’t really know. I do know that many of the images you see here were shared with me by his family just a few years ago and he did see the pictures in the gallery. As far as what his sons are doing …… I really can’t say.

  2. Isabelle Pottios

    My great great granfather, Harry Pottios, is his brother. Nice to know we’re related to a famous linebacker

    1. phil

      Thanks so much for sharing! Your uncle was a pretty big deal back in the day!