Considered to be one of the top centers during his 17 year playing career. Mick Tinglehoff from Nebraska was 3-year letterman and joined the Minnesota Vikings as a Free agent after going undrafted in the college draft in 1962. Became the Vikings starting center as a rookie and did not miss starting a single game his entire time in the NFL. His 240 regular season games as a starter still ranks #3 on the All-Time Consecutive Career games started. Also started 19 playoff games and 4 Super Bowls. In 1969 he was named to the 1,000-Yard Club in 1969, honoring the NFL’s top blocker. His list of accomplishments include 6 Pro Bowls, a total of 7 All-Pro Teams (five 1st-team and two 2nd-team). He was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015 after 32 seasons of eligibility.

Image Gallery of Mick Tingelhoff, Center, Minnesota Vikings 1962-1978

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