Kansas City Chiefs All-Time Most Career Receiving Yards

 PlayerYears PlayedGamesYards
1Tony Gonzalez*1997-200819010940
2Travis Kelce2013-20201117881
3Otis Taylor1965-19751307306
4Dwayne Bowe2007-20141187155
5Henry Marshall1976-19871656545
6Carlos Carson1980-19891206360
7Stephone Paige1983-19911256341
8Chris Burford1960-19671035505
9Tyreek Hill2016-2020625391
10Eddie Kennison2001-2007915230
11Derrick Alexander1998-2001603685
12Fred Arbanas1962-19701183101
13Willie Davis1991-1995633014
14Kimble Anders1991-20001252829
15J.J. Birden1990-1994712819
16Abner Haynes1960-1964702739
17Frank Jackson1961-1965702516
18Jamaal Charles2008-20161032457
19Ed Podolak1969-19771042456
20Walter White1975-1979632396
21Priest Holmes2001-2007652377
22J.T. Smith1978-1984832273
23Emile Harry1986-1992791999
24Curtis McClinton1962-19691071945
25Johnnie Morton2002-2004431932
  • * – Hall of Fame
  • “Bold Text” – Still Active on Team
  • “Bold Text” – Still Active in League
  • – Gallery Available
Derrick Alexander, Kansas City Chiefs Receiver
Derrick Alexander
Abner Haynes, 1960 AFL Rookie of the Year
Abner Haynes
Fred Arbanas, Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs
Fred Arbanas

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