The Original Middle Linebacker

 A 2nd round draft pick from Wake Forrest in 1951 Bill George played 15 seasons in the NFL – 14 of those was a Chicago Bear where he earned 8 All Pro selections, 8 Pro Bowl appearances and and NFL Championship in 1963.
 Bill George is widely considered the very first middle linebacker in NFL History. During a game against the Philadelphia Eagles he was playing Middle Defensive Guard on the Bears 5-man line. The story goes that the Eagles were completing short passes over the middle right behind George as he rushed the quarterback. Taking the advice of Bears defensive captain George Conner, instead of rushing the passer Bill dropped back to defend against the pass. He knocked down the first pass and intercepted the next. The Middle Linebacker of the 4-3 defense was born.

Bill George Bears NFL LInebacker
Bill George

Image Gallery of Bill George, Linebacker 1952-1966

Bill George Football Cards

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